Sex Pistols
I was hoping to include the Sex Pistols in some way on the site but wasn't too sure how to justify it! However,
Neily came through with the goods from his personal collection, which includes a letter written to him by
Johnny Rotten after Neily wrote to him asking for advice on which Reggae bands were worth listening to.
Rotten compiled a fairly extensive list and sent it to Neily. Going by Rotten's comments, he didn't reply to
many letters, which would make this pretty rare. I'm still trying to get the date the letter was sent - it's signed
Johnny Rotten but is written on paper with a PiL watermark. Thanks to Neily for sharing this.

Click here for a comprehensive website on the Sex Pistols:
The letter has created quite a bit of interest from other online sites, including Fodderstompf, a fantastic Pil site, and the excellent Blood and Fire message board.
Both sites agree that Lydon knew his stuff when talking about reggae and go on to discuss the list of artists in detail. Well worth checking out!
'Lydon draws an extensive 2 page list of Reggae artists he
recommends – such as Johnny Clarke, Augustus Pablo, Prince
Jammy, Dennis Brown, Pablo Gad, Keith Hudson, Hugh Mundell, etc
etc – and tells the fan to "ask for anything out at present" from them.
Plenty of "Goods" but surprisingly no mention of Big Youth, Dr
Alimantado or Tapper Zukie.

This insightful list of Gunter Grove favourites, featuring many
obscurities, is guaranteed to whet the whistle of the PiL reggae-heads
out there. But as Lydon says in his letter "it ain't the names that
matter you got to be able to hear them first, or it's a jerkpork…"
'Pretty impressive list from Mr L.'
Blood and Fire:
'the man certainly knows his reggae'
'i interviewed chris cracknell (greensleeves ex-owner) recently and he said
that part of the reason they got a good start in the business and didnt go
bust in the early days was that when they put out their first release..Dr
Alimontado - johnny rotten was on the radio saying it was his favourite
reggae artist / album - he said they instantly sold thousands more than
they would have done otherwise and this money really helped to kickstart
the label